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Review of Peace Talks 2004: Making Peace Day To Day

Peace is such a refreshing subject at a time when aggression gets so much coverage. This program looks at pacifism from the micro-level of customer services and bullying, to the macro-level of international relations. These are very different situations, yet experts in each case offer practical tips which could help people cope with daily conflicts.
There are extremely poignant moments, such as when the fathers of a murderer and his victim are brought together to talk about how they are trying to heal the violence in their town.
The most philosophical section is a conversation with two veteran peace activists who recently traveled to North Korea. One observed that often in her line of work, "you know it won't make any difference but you have to do it anyway". This extraordinary attitude helps to ease the sense of helplessness one feels in the face of seemingly endless conflict.
It's a powerful yet very gentle program which I think can make a great deal of difference for many listeners.
I thought the structure could have been a bit tighter. The music is lovely though sometimes too present.
Overall, a strong program.