Piece Comment

Parchedness in Arizona

The water drought in Arizona is a very big deal in the cities of Tucson and Phoenix. They get their water from wells and a reservoir, and through irrigation, but for the big cities, by the time the water reaches them, it’s very little. Everyone who lives there are a native because although the weather is brutal in the summer, it’s a very beautiful place to live otherwise. Arizona’s water combines with the Colorado River, which should make us grateful for having water, because with it being such a fragile resource, we should conserve as the people in Arizona do. They are grateful for the water they get and the rest of us seem to take advantage of it with how much we use each day. They don’t give any away to anyone because of limit that they have. Like the Indians who lost their river water because of heavy upstream damming, now their change of diet and culture will never be the same because the damage to their lifestyle has already been done. With how much water costs to be used, they can’t afford to get fresh water anywhere else, which should make the rest of us grateful for the resources we have. The effects in the piece were very well done. I liked the music in the beginning and the end. The song “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles was a nice touch as well. A very well done piece.Everyone can do a little thing like use just a little less water each day. We should save water, it will help the world in the future. Everyone must hear this piece. It is excellent.