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Caption: Harold and his pal, Butch, Credit: Sarah P. Reynolds
Harold Crocker and his friend, Butch can't live without each other. One of them is a ventriloquist.

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Caption: in line for food on Mission St. in San Francisco, Credit: Sarah P. Reynolds
What does it feel like to wait in line for food?

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Caption: Kevin King painting in his studio, Credit: Sarah P. Reynolds
Kevin King is a painter. His paintings aren't controversial, but his medium is.

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In New York City people are swimming in pools made out of dumpsters, right on Park Avenue!

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Caption: the Cape Cod woods., Credit: S. Reynolds
There is a secret to designing hiking trails through conservation land, according to Mel Miller - you have to walk them three times.

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Caption: Barbara at her new Tinman Diner.
A local Cape Cod diner is back in business, just in time for a recession.

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Caption: This year it's Simon's turn to graduate.
Graduates at a small liberal arts school in Vermont struggle to find their way.

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Sam Eaton has been lobstering for 73 years and has no plans to quit despite his wife's genuine concerns for his safety out on the water.

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Phil Kyle is a Naturalist in Sandwich, Massachusetts and feeds the birds. in the thicket behind his office every morning.

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Adam Lazarus is a myrmecologist who spends most days in the woods loking for ants, even though it leaves him feeling a little guilty.

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