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Caption: Rita Conceicao and Margaret Willson
Anthropologist Margaret Willson witnessed harrowing violence and poverty while living in Brazil. She describes how violence and dance are often int...

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  • Length: 12:11
Caption: Composer Martin O'Donnell
Renowned composer Martin O'Donnell reflects on his path from creating jingles for Flintstones vitamins to scoring blockbuster video games like "Hal...

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  • Length: 08:36
Caption: Rich Lyons
After 20 years preaching in a conservative Pentecostal church in East Texas, Rich Lyons was forced out of the congregation. He shares how he overca...

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Caption: Jeff Guidry and Freedom, Credit: Jeremy Richards
Jeff Guidry shares how he helped save an injured bald eagle—and how the eagle returned the favor.

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Caption: Artist Jesse Higman, Credit: Mike Regan
Award-winning artist Jesse Higman is quadriplegic, but he has just enough use of his arms to still paint. He reveals how dark moments in his life i...

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  • Length: 11:49
Caption: "Pickets and Dead Men" by Bree Loewen
Author Bree Loewen shares the vivid and harrowing stories from her work as a climbing ranger on Mount Rainier.

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Caption: Professor David Levy, Credit: photo courtesy of the University of Washington.
Computer Scientist David Levy discusses his research in meditation and multitasking, and he shares his personal experience of finding stillness in ...

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  • Length: 10:55
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Former minister James Wyatt reveals the surprising connections between Dungeons and Dragons role playing and Christianity.

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Caption: Guillaume Mpacko
Musician Guillaume Mpacko traces his journey as a mathematician from Cameroon to a musician in Seattle.

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  • Length: 10:17
Caption: Mick Dodge, Barefoot Sensei, Credit: Jeremy Richards
Mick Dodge has been going barefoot--all the time, everywhere he goes--for almost 25 years. He believes that our feet connect us to nature. KUOW's J...

  • Added: Sep 21, 2009
  • Length: 09:29