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Caption: Twomarked treehoppers, Credit: Kasey Fowler-Finn, Saint Louis University
Most insects communicate in a way that we can’t hear. A scientist at Saint Louis University is using a laser to eavesdrop on one insect’s “conversa...

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Caption: Trucks dump their loads of single-stream recycling on the "tip floor" at Resource Management's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Earth City, Mo., Credit: Véronique LaCapra
If you recycle at home, chances are you take advantage of a system called “single-stream” recycling: you mix all your bottles, newspapers, cans and...

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Caption: This diagram shows how the new imaging technique works., Credit: Lihong Wang, Washington University
Researchers at Washington University have invented an imaging system that can take a hundred billion pictures in a second -- fast enough to record ...

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Caption: This image of Priscilla Baltimore is from a 1958 edition of the book: Life and labors of Rev. Jordan W. Early: One of the Pioneers of African Methodism in the West and South, by Sarah Jane Woodson Early, published by A.M.E. historian George A. Singleton., Credit: Courtesy of the Illinois State Archeological Survey
Brooklyn, Ill., is a small, predominantly African-American town, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. What little revenue the town br...

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Caption: This publicity poster showcases the wide variety of attractions on offer in Gaslight Square, from jazz clubs to fine French dining. There was even a Japanese restaurant, a novelty in the Midwest of the 1960s., Credit: Courtesy of the Charlie Menees Collection, UMKC.
It spanned less than three blocks and lasted only about ten years. But the St. Louis arts and entertainment district known as Gaslight Square flou...

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Caption: NASA flight director Eugene F. Kranz at his console in Mission Control in Houston on May 30, 1965, during a Gemini-Titan IV simulation to prepare for the four-day, 62-orbit flight., Credit: NASA
NOTE: This interview has two versions, one short (3:42), one long (12:11). Forty-five years ago this Sunday [July 20, 2014], Apollo 11 became the ...

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By the early 20th century, trumpeter swans had almost disappeared from the lower 48 states. But re-population efforts have helped these majestic b...

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Caption:  Maricruz Jaramillo (standing) and Samoa Asigau wait for their ride back to the Charles Darwin Research Station after an early morning of catching birds in an agricultural area on Santa Cruz Island., Credit: Véronique LaCapra, St. Louis Public Radio
What motivates young people to become scientists? Meet Maricruz Jaramillo and Samoa Asigau, two young women scientists from opposite sides of the P...

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Caption: Rachel Delston works with cancer cells in the lab at Confluence Life Sciences., Credit: Sarah Skiöld-Hanlin/St. Louis Public Radio
It has been just over three months since the federal spending cuts known as sequestration first took effect. A handful of programs were spared — b...

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Caption: At a ranch near Mpala, Margaret Kinnaird takes notes about a camel sick with trypanosomiasis as a herder looks on., Credit: Sharon Deem, Saint Louis Zoo
Camels are known for their ability to travel long distances across the desert without water. But they’re also becoming an increasingly important s...

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Caption: A chimpanzee sounds its call in the Goualougo Triangle., Credit: Ian Nichols
For more than a decade, Washington University anthropologist Crickette Sanz and Lincoln Park Zoo research conservationist David Morgan have lived a...

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Caption: Richard Freese sits in the waiting room of Family Care Health Centers in St. Louis. Freese is self-employed, but doesn't have access to Medicaid., Credit: Veronique LaCapra/St. Louis Public Radio
This feature explores what Medicaid expansion would mean for Missouri's working poor, from the personal perspective of a clinic doctor and two of h...

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Caption: "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci., Credit: via Wikimedia Commons/Leonardo da Vinci, Galleria dell' Accademia, Venice (1485-90)
A conversation with Washington University law professor Rebecca Dresser, about an article she recently published in the journal Science about the e...

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Caption: At 82 years old, Edward O. Wilson continues to work and publish in the fields of ecology and evolution. , Credit: Véronique LaCapra/St. Louis Public Radio
This is a 3:40 Q&A I did with renowned evolutionary ecologist E.O. Wilson, who developed the theory of island biogeography (one of the founding pri...

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Caption: Pinon pine trees like this one dominate Rattlesnake Canyon., Credit: Jeff Mitton
Plants don't have ears, right? And if they can't hear you would assume that noise wouldn't matter much to them, which is why researchers haven't gi...

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Caption: A little brown bat showing symptoms of white-nose syndrome in Greeley Mine, Vermont (April, 2009)., Credit: (Marvin Moriarity/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Bad news for the bat population, a disease that has killed more than five million bats in the eastern United States and Canada has now reached Miss...

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Caption: A wasp attacks a larval fruit fly., Credit: Todd Schlenke, Emory University
It's Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, time for dancing, eating and, of course, drinking - sometimes a lot of drinking. Now, as humans, we pay a price for d...

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Caption: Dennis Potter, 29, was burned in a shake-and-bake meth lab explosion in December 2009. He spent the next five weeks wrapped in bandages and underwent numerous skin graft operations over the course of his recovery. , Credit: Véronique LaCapra
Hospitals are seeing an increase in a particular kind of patient. People who accidentally burn themselves while making methamphetamine. Addicts ar...

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Caption: An adult Ozark hellbender is typically brown or green with black markings that help it blend in with its rocky river-bottom habitat., Credit: Jeff Briggler/Missouri Department of Conservation
They're flat, they're slimy, and they hide under rocks on river bottoms. At up to 2 feet in length, the Ozark hellbender is one of the world's larg...

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Caption: The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is required to post warning signs near every sewer overflow., Credit: (Véronique LaCapra, St. Louis Public Radio)
St. Louis is one of hundreds of older cities across the country facing the challenge of dealing with an aging sewer system. This summer, the Metro...

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