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Caption: Composer Octavio Vázquez
Forgotten by time and still finding an audience: hidden treasures from South America and the Iberian Peninsula.

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Caption: Detail from Picasso's Gernika (Guernica)
We commemorate the anniversary of the bombing of the Basque village of Guernica (April 26, 1937) with “Guernica” Piano Trio number 1 by Octavio Vá...

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Caption: A rose and a book for La Diada de Sant Jordi
The Spanish Hour celebrates the Catalan national holiday with Catalan classics from the Renaissance through the 20th century.

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Caption: The Fandango
The most Spanish of Spanish songs and dances: the Fandango, as heard through classical interpretations by Soler, Granados, Boccherini, Vives, Mozar...

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Caption: Havana String Quartet
A recital of 20th -century chamber music by Cuban-born composers performed by the performed by the Havana String Quartet.

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From Cuba’s Joaquín Nin and Leo Brouwer to Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla and Osvaldo Golijov to Uruguay’s Alfonso Broqua, music by Latin American com...

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Caption: Composer José Luis Greco
From the Generation of the Maestros to El Grupo de los Ocho to today, orchestral works by Julio Gómez, Salvador Bacarisse, and José Luis Greco.

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Caption: Composer Alberto Ginastera and feline friend
Works by the self-described “man of Latin America” and one of South America’s most important composers of the twentieth century.

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Waltzes, sardanas, mazurkas, and more by a variety of Spanish composers who identify as Catalans.


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