Zeitfunk Awards: 2013

Our annual list of the "mostiest" PRX members and pieces

2013 marked PRX's 10th year! Phew, we made it! Some highlights before we get to the winners:

26,255 pieces sold on PRX (that's 4,717 more than 2012)!

We partnered with Pop Up Archive to launch a cloud-based audio archiving service, featuring an innovative automatic transcription tool.

Open calls were held for the PRX STEM Story Project as well as our Global Story Project resulting in many new outstanding pieces added to the PRX marketplace.

The first round of Matter was completed and the second class of Matter got underway. More about Matter.

With the Center for Investigative Reporting we partnered on the pilot for Reveal - a groundbreaking show that brings listeners deep into current investigations and captures the drama and high stakes of the reporting process.

PRX also rolled out a number of excellent apps:

Thank you to our producers, stations and partners for 10 amazing years! We've come a long way. Can't wait to show you what's coming next.

Zeitfunk 2013 First-Place Winners

Most Licensed Producer
Jeff Haas   (more)

Most Licensed Group
Moyers and Company   (more)

Most Licensed Piece
We Knew JFK: Unheard Stories from the Kennedy Archives from WeKnewJFK.org   (more)

Most Licensed Series
Folk Alley from WKSU   (more)

Most Licensed Debut Producer
Lisa Rothman   (more)

Most Licensed Debut Group
WeKnewJFK.org   (more)

Most Licensed Station
WKSU - Kent, Ohio   (more)

Station that Licensed the Most Pieces
WOUB - Ohio University   (more)

Most Listened-To Piece
Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever from Jeff Cohen   (more)

Most Licensed Producer by PRX Remix
Matt Thompson   (more)

Most Licensed Group by PRX Remix
BackStory with the American History Guys   (more)

Most Licensed Station by PRX Remix
KALW - from San Francisco, California   (more)

Outside Purchaser that Licensed the Most
Radio New Zealand   (more)

Complete Zeitfunk 2013 Results

We have made some changes to Zeitfunk this year — like showing more than 10 places in certain categories — because of factors like the role played by PRX shows (e.g. The Moth Radio Hour). We have been vigilant about the delineation between producer groups versus individual producers. We have also removed licenses that occurred in private regional networks, where pieces were not available to all PRX stations. All licenses mentioned are counted from stations as well as Outside Purchasers.

You can learn more about the winners by clicking on their names.

Most Licensed Station

Stations are also big producers of pieces and series. These stations sold the most pieces in 2013.

  1. WKSU - Kent, Ohio | 1,709 licenses
  2. KMUW - Wichita, Kansas
  3. WMHT - Schenectady, New York
  4. WNYC - New York, New York
  5. WBEZ - Chicago, Illinois
  6. WNPR - Hartford, Connecticut
  7. All Classical Public Media - Portland, Oregon
  8. WGUC - Cincinnati, Ohio
  9. WXPN - University of Pennsylvania
  10. KUFM - Montana Public Radio

Most Licensed Piece

Here are 2013's best-selling pieces that were not part of a recurring series.

  1. We Knew JFK: Unheard Stories from the Kennedy Archives from WeKnewJFK.org | 78 licenses
  2. Best of the Best: The 2013 Third Coast Festival Broadcast and Promo from the Third Coast International Audio Festival
  3. Diary of A Bad Year: A War Correspondent's Dilemma from Atlantic Public Media
  4. Reveal PILOT from Reveal
  5. Generation Putin - Hour Special from Seattle Globalist
  6. Tie:
    The Mandela Tapes from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    Hidden Kitchens: The Raw and The Cooked from the Kitchen Sisters
  7. Walking Across America ~ Advice for a Young Man from Atlantic Public Media
  8. Culture Shock 1913 from WNYC
  9. Mapping Eliza: Decoding DNCA Secrets from Spectrum Radio
  10. Here's the Thing: Lena Dunham and Elaine Stritch from WNYC
  11. Autism Grows Up from Capital Public Radio

Most Licensed Series

Series come in many forms on PRX.org: weekly, monthly, occasional — even daily! And, they come from individual producers, groups and stations. These were the most licensed series in 2013, not including signature series like The Moth Radio Hour, American Routes or Sound Opinions who distribute through PRX's SubAuto system.

  1. Folk Alley from WKSU | 1704 licenses
  2. Moyers and Company from Moyers and Company
  3. The New Jazz Archive from Jeff Haas
  4. Vinyl Cafe from Vinyl Cafe and CBC
  5. Global Village with Chris Heim from KMUW
  6. The Bluegrass Review from Phil Nusbaum
  7. Blue Dimensions from Bluesnet Radio
  8. The Latin Alternative from WMHT
  9. Stuck in the Psychedelic Era from Stephen R. Webb
  10. L.A. Theatre Works

Station that Licensed the Most Pieces

Stations of all sizes and from all over the country use PRX to get audio for air. These are the stations that bought the most pieces from other stations and producers in 2013.

  1. WOUB - Ohio University | 958 pieces licensed
  2. KPVL - Northeast Iowa
  3. KKRN - Round Mounta, California
  4. KEOS - Bryan, Texas
  5. KSRQ - Northwest Minnesota
  6. KUOW - Seattle, Washington
  7. KAWC - Yuma, Arizona
  8. KMXT - Kodiak, Alaska
  9. KSVR Studios: Skagit Valley Radio - Skagit Valley, Washington
  10. WRNC-LP - Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin

Most Licensed Debut Producer

The "top new artists" category. Of all the individual producers who were new to PRX in 2013, these folks sold the most pieces.

  1. Lisa Rothman - Chew On This | 15 licenses
  2. George Harter
  3. Jimmy Tingle
  4. Zach Hirsch
  5. Tie:
    Meisa Salaita
    Meg Cramer
    Lilly Sullivan
  6. Tie:
    Michael Verity
    Mark Hayes
    Connor Gillies

Most Licensed Producer by PRX Remix

PRX Remix is PRX's 24/7 stream of awesomeness on XM 123, mobile, web, and terrestrial radio, curated independently by Roman Mars, Sam Greenspan and Erika Lantz. These are the individual producers whose pieces were licensed the most by PRX Remix in 2013.

  1. Matt Thompson | 18 licenses
  2. Lauren Ober
  3. Andrew Bales
  4. Nancy Mullane
  5. Tie:
    David Weinberg
    Bishop Sand
    Anne Noyes-Saini
  6. Cristina Marras
  7. Tie:
    Eric Molinsky
    Jake Warga

Most Licensed Group by PRX Remix

These are the producer groups whose pieces were licensed the most by PRX Remix in 2013.

  1. BackStory with the American History Guys | 54 licenses
  2. Tie:
    Third Coast International Audio Festival
    HowSound - a PRX podcast. Subscribe!
  3. Everything Sounds
  4. Destination DIY
  5. Blank on Blank
  6. Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
  7. outLoud Radio
  8. Radio Diaries
  9. Hold That Thought

Most Licensed Station by PRX Remix

These are the stations whose pieces were licensed the most by PRX Remix in 2013.

  1. KALW | 29 licenses
  2. WBEZ
  3. KUT
  4. KCRW

Outside Purchaser that Licensed the Most

Outside Purchasers are a growing list of distributors, services, and shows beyond terrestrial public radio stations. These are the PRX OPs who licensed the most from PRX producers in 2013.

  1. PRX Remix* | 476 licenses
  2. Radio New Zealand | 86 licenses
  3. The Story
  4. HCC Radio The Dragon
  5. Listen Edition
  6. HowSound
  7. NewsTalk 1010 AM Canada
  8. CJAD 800 AM
  9. CBC Inside the Music
  10. American Voices
  11. Third Coast Festival/Re:sound

* A note regarding PRX Remix: We will be awarding the first-place trophy to Radio New Zealand, but left Remix on the list so that our community could see the impact Remix has.

Useful Stats and Facts

During 2013...

  • 6,697 unique pieces were licensed by stations and outside purchasers; many of those pieces were licensed more than once. The total number of licenses was 26,255.
  • 174 new sellers sold pieces on PRX.
  • 403 new series created.
  • Paid over $500,000 to producers.

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By Dec. 31st, 2013, PRX had:

Most Licensed Piece Lengths of 2013

Producers: check out what's selling!

  1. 55 to 60 min.  (11,602 licenses)
  2. 50 to 55 min  (5,448 licenses)
  3. 5 min and under  (3,100 licenses)
  4. 5 to 10 min  (1,699 licenses)
  5. 115 to 120 min  (1,498 licenses)
  6. 25 to 30 min  (1065 licenses)
  7. 10 to 15 min  (534 licenses)
  8. 60 to 65 min  (242 licenses)
  9. 20 to 25 min  (231 licenses)
  10. 30 to 35 min  (223 licenses)
  11. 15 to 20 min  (217 licenses)
  12. 110 to 115 min  (158 licenses)
  13. 35 to 40 min  (69 licenses)

Staff Yearbook

PRX is 10 years old!

We've come a long way.

Jake Kerri John Barth Andrew
Chris Robert Rekha Lily
Genevieve Becca Sam Audrey