Zeitfunk 2009 Awards Ceremony

Welcome to our virtual Zeitfunk Awards Ceremony! Below you'll find photos and "acceptance speeches" from PRX members all over the country (and in Canada!) who won our Zeitfunk Awards for 2009.

Zeit-what? It's like a zeitgeist, only funkier: Each year we release a list of the most licensed and listened-to pieces, producers and stations of the previous calendar year. Then we present the first-place winners with fun trophies.

Zeitfunk is a great way to learn about what's selling and who's buying it on PRX, and to honor PRX members' hard work! View all of the award winners and the complete 2009 results.

All 12 Zeitfunk trophies before they were sent to the lucky winners

Were you a first-place winner who didn't submit your photo or acceptance speech? Don't be left out — send them along!

Trophy engravings: "You gave storytelling wings!" and
"Give me an 'M'!"
Most Listened-to Piece &
Most Playlisted Piece:
Moth Radio Hour 101

"The Moth is honored and thrilled to receive two coveted Zeitfunk Awards this year. We're grateful for the support, guidance and cheerleading. PRX is the most dynamic 'apple box' in town. The Moth was founded almost 13 years ago; we've presented thousands of stories but it is the partnership of PRX that has catapulted the stories from intimate clubs and theaters to cars and couches and corners everywhere!

"The Moth is dedicated to presenting stories from all walks of life, and PRX collects and projects voices from the world over. We couldn't be in better hands. Thank you listeners, storytellers, our amazing producer Jay Allison and PRX!" - Catherine Burns, Artistic Director at The Moth

Trophy engraving: "'High' performance on PRX!"
Most Licensed Piece:
Back to the Garden: Woodstock Remembered

"Thanks again to the Public Radio Exchange for the fun recognition of my programs. And, of course, thanks to the many stations who found this particular recollection of Woodstock a good match for their audiences in 2009, the 40th anniversary of that culture-shaping event.

"Let me also acknowledge Joel Makower, whose excellent interviews with the architects of Woodstock made the program truly special.

"Neil Young said, 'Woodstock showed us how many of US there really were.' I'd say the same about PRX. Everyday, it shows how many of US there are. US, being the people and stations who love public radio and keep it a vital presence in our world." - Paul Ingles, Producer

Most Active Commenter: Jim Reiss

Trophy engraving: "Your talk isn't cheep!"

"Once again I want to express my gratitude to PRX for being a forum for topnotch indie public radio productions. Like Walt Whitman — louder than the recession — I hear America singing every time I tune in to the Public Radio Exchange." - Jim Reiss

Trophy engravings: "You swept us away!" and "Check it out, you win!"
Most Licensed Series &
Most Licensed Group:
Vinyl Cafe

"Thank you from the great white north!

"We are delighted that, station by station, our humble Canadian radio show is making an impression on public radio program directors in the USA. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. And if you aren't familiar with the world of The Vinyl Cafe, check us out: www.vinylcafe.com." - Jess Milton, Vinyl Cafe Producer

Trophy engraving: "Bravo, Maestro!"
Most Licensed Debut Group: Music Mountain

"Music Mountain is delighted to have achieved this award for the most licensed debut on PRX in 2009.

"It simply demonstrates once again that classical music, properly presented, performed by outstanding artists who come to Music Mountain from all over the world, can have a large and responsive audience. And, that listeners and the stations that serve them are always looking for full concert presentations of great music from all traditions and periods." - Nick Gordon, Music Mountain Producer

Trophy engraving: "You rule!"
Most Licensed Producer: Phil Nusbaum

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was a dark and stormy night. It was the Spirit of the Times. It was the Spirit of Saint Louis. And it was the Zeitfunk award. Yogi Berra would say, 'Thank you for making this necessary.'

"With all this as backdrop, I would like to accept the fabulous award. And thank you also for the Cadillac Escalade which is arriving next week. By the way, I really like the white SUV version, and I appreciate the Super America gas card. When the Cadillac gets here, I am going to remove the beautiful trophy you sent to me from the kitchen table where it is holding down my collection of 1958 baseball cards, and install it personally as the Cadillac's hood ornament." - Phil Nusbaum

Trophy engraving: "You Moo-ved Us!"
Most Licensed Youth-Produced Piece:
Chasing the Crescent Moon: The Story of Dr. Frempong and Sickle Cell Disease

"What a thrill to receive this lovely golden calf! It is especially wonderful to be honored by PRX, which has served as such a great platform for new youth radio pieces.

"Many thanks are due to all those I interviewed for this documentary, to Swarthmore College for its funding, and especially to my mentor, Marty Goldensohn. Marty guided me through this project and taught me to love making radio at Swarthmore's War News Radio. My classmates and I are indebted to him for teaching and inspiring us.

"A final plug: Check out War News Radio at www.warnewsradio.org to see some exceptional student-produced radio." - Aaron Schwartz, Producer

Trophy engraving: "You jazzed it up!"
Most Licensed Debut Producer: Chris Kuborn

"It is such an honor to receive this award! As you can see I never receive awards and this award will be placed in a prominent place in my home to show off this great accomplishment!!

"Seriously though - When I was first notified of the award I started searching at the bottom of the category looking for my name - I never expected to be the winner!! I would like to thank all my listeners and those stations that have picked up the show. A Modern Jazz show can survive and can be award winning. Thanks you all and thanks PRX!!" - Chris Kuborn, Jazz Odyssey producer