Zeitfunk 2008 Awards Ceremony

Welcome to our annual virtual awards ceremony, with acceptance speeches and photos from Zeitfunk 2008. A different, fun trophy was mailed to each first-place winner in our list of the most popular PRX producers, stations, and pieces.

Congratulations to everyone who placed in Zeitfunk 2008!

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Most Licensed Piece and Most Listened-To Piece

The Bo Diddley Beat: The Music of Bo Diddley and His Disciples and The White Album Listening Party: Revisiting The Beatles' Top-Seller from Paul Ingles

"Thanks to PRX again for more inventive fun that makes being a part of the PRX community a treat. I'm sorry Bo Diddley passed to make my most-licensed program necessary but I'm glad stations found it an appropriate way to mark his legacy. Cheers to all the other programs that enjoyed good licensing runs in 2008 too. I'm also pleased that the "White Album Listening Party" got the most listens at PRX. Kinda works, huh? PRX is a listening party every day! What a concept!"

Trophy quotes: "You rode the radio wave!" (Most Licensed Piece) and "Touche!" (Most Listened-To Piece)

Trophy quote: "You're right on target!"
Note the top shelf: past Zeitfunk trophies play well with Emmy
Photo by Annick Story Flaxman

Most Licensed Producer

Fred Flaxman

"Many thanks to PRX and to the stations which made this trophy possible. I hope Compact Discoveries' four PRX awards in the last three years will help to bring this music series to the attention of even more public radio stations so that carriage will be even higher this year!"

Most Commented-On Piece

Serbian Church Choirs: A Musical Tradition from Cissy Rebich

"Many thanks to church choir members across the U.S. who listened to this piece and were compelled to comment...how I appreciate your voices! And thanks to PRX where I was given the opportunity to post my very first piece and get such wide exposure. And, finally, to my mother, may she rest in Peace, who continues to be the inspiration for my choir singing and listening."

Trophy quote: "You're the queen of comments!"

Trophy quote: "You did some heavy lifting!"

Most Active "Commenter"

James Reiss

"Just when the stock exchange crashed in 2008, the Public Radio Exchange bounced back with its new Web site. For the second year my heartiest thanks go to PRX for serving the great, ever-burgeoning public radio community!"

Most Licensed Debut Producer

Sue Zizza

In 2006, I resigned as the Executive Director of the National Audio Theatre Festivals after more than a decade, so I could return to being an independent audio drama producer. I wasn't really sure where the road might lead, but I knew it was time to take a new path. Being awarded the PRX's 2008 Most Licensed Debut Producer for the audio drama Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac says to me, I took the right road. And that it arrived in the same year I turned 50 says it is never to late to start something new.

Thanks to the many stations and programmers who made this award, and our third place tie as Most Licensed Piece, possible.

While the award may be for Most Licensed Debut Producer, I could not have won it without the support, help, and love of many people: playwright Patrick Fenton, producing partner David Shinn, the cast, crew, and funders of "Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac."

Finally, there are two people no longer with us, to whom I would like to dedicate this award, as they were the ones who taught me to "tell my stories in sound" — Jeff Kraus and Al Schaffer — thank you both for the years of inspiration and encouragement.

Trophy quote: "Go you!"