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Caption: Redheads share the love in Sammamish, Wash., Credit: Anne Lindsay Photography

Redhead Tales (02:36)
From: Rachel Lynn Solomon

Every redhead has a story to tell. Maybe it's the time someone cut a piece of their hair to take it to their stylist, or the crazy nickname they got as a kid. I joined 901 ...
Caption: PRX default Piece image

Native families campaign for school curriculum changes (04:29)
From: Rachel Lynn Solomon

Native American education in Washington state has long been a delicate issue. For years, Native parents have been calling for changes to school curriculum. Parents say ...
Caption: Fishmonger Ryan Rechter poses with a customer and a fish., Credit: Rachel Solomon

Throwing Fish at Seattle's Pike Place Market (02:32)
From: Rachel Lynn Solomon

Audio postcard from Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market and its famous fishmongers. Featured as part of NPR Intern Edition's "Postcards" series: ...