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The Music of Roland Sebastian Faber (10:20)
From: Iain Wilson

Profiles the work of electronic artist Roland Sebastian Faber, with music from his latest release 'Gropiusstadt'.
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E.A. Poe and the Krautrock Connection (08:10)
From: Iain Wilson

The latest audio story from FOTW Audio Productions; featuring the music of The Fascination Movement, Carlos Perón, and Olmec Head.
Caption: Antarctic explorers discover a creature in a cavern, Credit: Astounding Tales, February 1936

The Icy Winds of Lovecraft (Promo) (:58)
From: Iain Wilson

On the 35th Anniversary of Alien, "The Icy Winds of Lovecraft" looks at how Alien and John Carpenter's The Thing were both influenced by the strange Rhode Island writer, H. ...