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Recent Pieces from Lydia Wilson

Caption: Bunk Canvas from the General Nelson M. Walker , Credit: Vietnam Graffiti Project

Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam (55:00)
From: Lydia Wilson

Graffiti left on a troop transport ship by soldiers heading to the Vietnam War, found accidentally, is salvaged by a couple on a decade-long campaign to find the men who drew ...
Caption: James Farmer, Credit: Library of Congress

No Argument Here (29:00)
From: With Good Reason

A college professor is following the footsteps of a civil rights icon James Farmer, by training his students in the art of debate. Lydia Wilson, of the radio program "With ...
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Breaking Up Christmas (03:30)
From: With Good Reason

When Christmas is over, the fun is just getting started for many in Southern Appalachia.
Caption: Adam Larkey

Acoustic Youth (03:30)
From: With Good Reason

Many of the musicians who perform at fiddlers' conventions and music festivals throughout southern Appalachia are, in fact, young kids.
Caption: Phish playing Hampton Coliseum in VA, Credit:

Following Phish before the internet (05:35)
From: Lydia Wilson

As Phish reunion tour wraps up, a Phish-head fan reflects on following the band before the internet.
Caption: The Paschall Brothers onstage, Credit: Virginia Folklife Program

The Torchbearers of the Tidewater Gospel sound (03:30)
From: With Good Reason

The Paschall Brothers of Chesapeake sing four-part harmony in a style with a storied tradition.
Caption: Flory Jagoda (right) teaches Ladino songs., Credit: Morgan Miller

Flory Jagoda (03:30)
From: With Good Reason

"Don't open your mouth. Just sit and play. Keep on playing."
Caption: Spencer Moore, Credit: Jon Lohman

Same Song, Same Chair: Fifty Years Later (03:30)
From: With Good Reason

A masterful songster recorded by two folklorists, fifty years apart.
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Winter Sports (12:00)
From: Distillations

A show on the science that makes winter sports possible, with snow or without.