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Caption: Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories: William Moore's Letter (02:00)
From: Jack Johnson

One thing to bear in mind as we approach the end of ‘Confederate History month’ -- the slaughter of the civil war failed in many ways to solve the problem the planters of the ...
Caption: 420 Event

Hidden Histories: Of Pot Smoking and Civil Disobedience- 420 (02:00)
From: Jack Johnson

Three days late and a dollar short isn’t that unusual for the stoner lifestyle. Vying for a legalized status in the all American tradition of a sit in, Stoners from all over ...
Caption: Haymarket riot

Hidden Histories: Haymarket Riot, Part 1 (02:00)
From: Jack Johnson

When you think of the first of May, consider how many hours you typically work in a day. That would be 8. But what seems so commonplace as to hardly worth mentioning—an 8 ...