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Berkeley’s Shotgun Players celebrates their 20th season (07:30)
From: KALW

The Berkeley theater company Shotgun Players started performing twenty years ago in the basement of a Berkeley pizzeria. Now it’s got its own building, but the company has ...
Caption: Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, in chains, c. 1899. Library of Congress. McManus-Young Collection.

Unlocking the legacy of Houdini (07:56)
From: KALW

HARRY HOUDINI: Ladies and gentlemen: introducing my original invention, the water torture cell... That’s Harry Houdini, in 1914, describing the water torture cell, in which ...
Caption: Under CC license from danisabella.

Surviving public transportation as a senior (08:00)
From: KALW

Take a quick look around while on Muni, BART, or AC Transit, and you’ll notice that a lot of the people who depend on public transit are seniors. But not all seniors are that ...
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Sound Cave (05:18)
From: Molly Samuel

Artist and composer Tyson Ayers builds new instruments out of cast-off pieces of old ones. But his instruments aren’t your usual guitars and drums. They’re ...
Caption: The "Are We There Yet?" sound installation will be at the Contemporary Jewish Museum through July 31

Are you listening? A new sound installation gets inside your head (05:18)
From: KALW

Consider a snail without a shell. Is it still a snail? I think its a slug. Luckily, this isn’t a quiz ... it’s from a new art installation at the Contemporary Jewish Museum ...