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About Me

Hi, my name is Chuck Ayers, host of My Transistor Radio. A program looking backs at the events and time of rock and roll in its early evolution. A casual study of the sociology and teen culture that bonded the music mosaic together. A mosaic consisting of many styles of music current at that time. Rock, pop, Doo Wap, Rockabilly, Girl groups, guy groups, surfing, hotrod, and the music styles were almost endless. It’s all about the people, places, and events that nurtured early Rock and Roll. Including Radio stations and their newly invented “Disk Jockeys” positions that promoted this new brand of music like carnival pitchmen. All starting up on the radio in the mid-1950s.

My Transistor Radio was a portable A. M. receiver housed in a hard plastic carrying container. It was a flat rectangular package about the size of a small cigar box and had played only Rock and roll music from the fifties and sixties. It’s unique sound blasted from a two-inch screeching paper speaker.

This was teen music set loose from the big clunky “Malt shop” Jukeboxes. And now made available on the all-new teen rock and roll radio programs. Music that was most portable. Music carried to the lake, to the beach, and wherever teens wanted their beloved Rock and Roll music. High volume and ever-present. In your face Rock and Roll. Shrill, monaural, and low fidelity.

The recorded and uploaded to PRX program, My Transistor Radio, is not necessarily meant to be used as a weekly program. But, as a replacement for occasional broadcast holes in your stations normal programming schedule. Perhaps as a momentary change or diversion from the normal line up. Perhaps to add a small bit of humor here and there.

If you possibly have a thirty minute or one hour local program where the host is missing or on vacation, My Transistor Radio just might be the momentary replacement. Or, just to fill in here and there as needed.

Now, for those of you who are public or community radio operators, each program is 30-minutes (29:30) in duration and can either be aired one at a time each week or two at a time. There is not a discernable sign off at each programs end. And since it is about music from that era, each programs consists of about 85 to 90-percent music and the rest, host’s narration.

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Favorite Shows: Local public radio jazz, American Roots, Car Guys, Prarie Home Companion, Fresh Air, To the Best of our Knowledge,
Influences: Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Gary Owens, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavit, Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charles Schultz, Dr. Seuss, John Steinbeck, Bill Cosby, Neil Diamond, Bill Moyers, Tim Russert, Walter Cronkite,

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