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Kingwood Kowboy's Nashville Show (26:02)
From: Larry W Jones - Kingwood Kowboy

Kingwood Kowboy's Nashville Show is a series of thirty minute Country, Cowboy, Western songs written by Larry W Jones, the Kingwood Kowboy, and hosted by Nashville ...
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Pinto Pete - The Big Corral (12:29)
From: Larry W Jones - Kingwood Kowboy

Pinto Pete and His Ranch Hands is an old time radio cowboy music show. Return to YesterYear while kicking back on the couch or roaming the West. Listen to good western music ...
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Hawaiian Breeze Volume One (14:43)
From: Larry W Jones - Kingwood Kowboy

Hawaiian Breeze is a 13 volume collection of popular Hawaiian songs. Each volume averages 15 minutes in length.
Caption: Kingwood Kowboy

Dream Sweeper In Nashville (03:45)
From: Larry W Jones - Kingwood Kowboy

Dreams of stardom in Nashville are broken and swept away.

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Larry W. Jones, (aka Kingwood Kowboy), from Kingwood, Texas. Author of over 7,200 song lyrics, published in nineteen volumes, with the 20th volume in work.

"Real Country Lyrics" (over 3,200) showcases the roots of classic and vintage Country, Cowboy and Western songs popular in the mid 1900's. Published in eleven volumes of 250 each.

"Island Song Lyrics" is the world's largest collection (4,000) of "Territorial Hawaii" island songs popular in the early 1900's when tropical dreams came true. Published in eight volumes of 500 each.
Note to musicians/artists - Freely edit and arrange my song lyrics to fit your music and singing. List Larry W Jones as lyrics writer. email me an MP3 of it at

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