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Comment for "Episode 5 ~ 3D Modeling and Animation"

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Great Work!

Love this Series!!!!

Comment for "Inside The Mind of A Musician"

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Insightful Interview

It is interesting to hear how some people follow the 'muse' of a musician.

Comment for "Music's Role In Education "

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Very Insigthful

Great show on the importance of being a music educator

Comment for "The Basics: Part II"

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Essential Episodes

A great episode of integrating the camera's primary settings. Loved the interviews!

Comment for "Craig Bernier, Fiction"

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Another reason why the pictures are better in radio!

Great show, great production, great material!

Comment for "Light"

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A must listen for all photography folks. Great show!

Comment for "2/22/13 DSR2 Friday Morning Show - Shout Out"

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What just happened to my Life?

Don't miss an episode of this show.

Comment for "How LeatherBound Works"

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This is why radio is great!

A fantastic program with a stellar sound track.

Comment for "The Power of Sound"

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Great Show!

A fantastic view of the power of sound!

Comment for "The Basics"

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Great Material!

This is excellent! I can't wait to hear the upcoming episodes!

Comment for "InstruMental Episode 1: Brian Weaver"

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Fantastic Piece!

I am looking forward to EVERY piece in the series!

Comment for "Heather McNaugher, Poet"

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Love This!

Fantastic Piece. Looking forward to more

Comment for "The Animal Orchestra Is Quieting"

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Great Piece!

Great Piece!

Comment for "The First Christmas"

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Thanks for the plug!

I am the producer of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir's 'Blessed Heavenly Light" CD. Nice placement!