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Recent Pieces from Rene Dongo

Caption: Shooting the first scenes on Long Wharf, near the Boston Aquarium.

Dang Makes A Film! (16:49)
From: Rene Dongo

Dang Nguyen, an aspiring filmmaker, revisits friends in his old college town of Boston to shoot a personal video project that's been on hold for 4 years. But he only has 2 ...
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Promo: Light the Fuse (:25)
From: PRX Remix

Rockets and Fuses.
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Promo: Don't Just Gather Information (:31)
From: PRX Remix

Radio is more than just gathering information.
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Promo: Sesame St (:26)
From: PRX Remix

A remix paying homage to the classic children's program Sesame St. while also spelling out PRX.