Sarah Bromer

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  • Username: sarahbromer
  • High School Teacher, Independent Producer, Founder--City High Radio
  • Role: Producer Group Staff


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Al "Dick" Perry for President (07:46)
From: Sarah Bromer

Al Perry, Tucson country singer, is running for president. His middle name is Richard, so he registered himself as Al "Dick" Perry on the Arizona Republican primary ballot. ...
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Homestead Childhood (08:16)
From: City High Radio

When Grace was a child, she and her mom moved out to a remote piece of the Arizona desert to live off the land. Things didn't work out exactly the way they had planned... Now ...
Caption: City High School students Grace and A watch the President, Credit: Sarah Bromer

Tucson Teenagers Respond to Shooting (08:00)
From: Sarah Bromer

Teenagers at City High School in downtown Tucson share their reactions to the tragic shooting on January 8, 2011. (Long and short version)
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Adoption Story (18:01)
From: Sarah Bromer

This is a story about two women who attempt to adopt a baby from an abortion clinic. Things don't go exactly as planned, and they end up in over their heads.
Caption: Fatima and Her Daughter, Rana

Fatima Learns to Drive (04:42)
From: Sarah Bromer

Fatima Alsamawi, a recent immigrant to the United States from Iraq, experiences the sweet freedom of driving for the first time.