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Comment for "Joseph Shabalala: the leader of Grammy-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo, In his own words"

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Beautifully Simple!

Yummilisicous! Okay, that's not a word but this is truly one sweet piece. I can't add anything that hasn't been said already except, thank you!

Comment for "Cassandra Wilson: the 2009 Grammy winner in her own words"

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thank you

I really appreciate the imperfections in this piece. It really shows that quality doesn't always have to do with perfect audio. Wonderful!

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Review of StoryCorps: Jo Ann Chew

My g-d, can anyone listen to this and not cry?! The audio doesn't provoke a cry only of pity but one that senses how much love is present between these two people. Their story should prove able to cross common barriers among listeners (age, class, race, all that stuff). Well produced and some of the most wonderfully sad 3:23 I've listened to in quite some time...thank you.

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Review of That's My Song: Sex (I'm a...)

A refreshing balance of music and interview! Smoothly edited! More!!!

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Review of A New Orleans Way of Life: Costuming, Volume I

This is a very interesting idea and story but suffers from some faulty mic chord buzzing in one of the audio tracks and is very one dimensional without any background music (especially on a region with such rich musical history and presence).

Comment for "In Praise of New Orleans Brass Bands"

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Review of In Praise of New Orleans Brass Bands

Overall, a good use of music and most definitely some great writing and narration. You provoke some great imagery in this piece!