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Recent Pieces from Bilal Qureshi

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The Big Pond #46: Black Art, Berlin Stories – Looking for Alain Locke (34:12)
From: Goethe-Institut

In 1925, the African-American philosopher Alain Locke (1886-1954) launched a revolutionary black arts movement now known as the Harlem Renaissance. In this episode of The Big ...
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The Big Pond #39: Quietude – In Search of Radio Silence (28:44)
From: Goethe-Institut

In this radio travelogue, culture writer and journalist Bilal Qureshi explores Germany’s capital Berlin to find out about local origins, regulations and daily rituals of ...
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The Namesake (05:00)
From: Bilal Qureshi

Mira Nair's Adaptation of The Namesake