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The Man You Can't Ignore (02:47)
From: A. Randall Wenner

He survives by his ability to entertain you -- a profile of a longtime weight-guesser along the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland
Caption: Syracuse University Design Professor Zeke Leonard demonstrates his intonarumori noise-making instruments., Credit: A. Randall Wenner

The Music of Noise (04:13)
From: A. Randall Wenner

Is it possible to make “music” from “noise”? Is it possible to enjoy it? Randy Wenner reports on an experimental music genre making a comeback of sorts -- and you'll have to ...
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iPod Granddaddy -- a Transistor Radio Prototype -- Goes to the Smithsonian (02:43)
From: A. Randall Wenner

The device that inspired a generation-- a prototype of one of the first portable transistor radios -- has just been accepted into the Smithsonian's electronics ...
Caption: Iron Dome App, Credit: iTunes

Smartphone App Warns Israeli Citizens if Missiles are Headed Their Way (03:24)
From: A. Randall Wenner

A new smartphone app developed by an American college student and his colleague uses up-to-the minute data from the Israeli Defense Force to warn Israeli citizens about ...