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BEAT LATINO: New Nuevo for May (58:30)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

It's time for our monthly roundup of tunes and grooves that caught our ear - unique, special creations that explore different facets of our musical Latinidad. Beat Latino's ...
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BEAT LATINO: Nuestra Música at the Library of Congress (58:30)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

This week's Beat Latino is a selection from the 20-some recordings that have been selected for their cultural, historic or aesthetic importance and are now preserved for ...
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BEAT LATINO: Ode to Immigrant Workers (58:30)
From: Catalina Maria Johnson

This week, Beat Latino celebrates immigrant workers, and honors the memory of Miguel Luna, Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Dorlian Cabrera, José Maynor Lopez, Maynor Yassir ...

About Me

Catalina Maria Johnson, the host and producer of Beat Latino, as well as contributer of features on Latino musical arts to Chicago Public Radios, credits her bilingual and bicultural heritage to the tenacious insistence of a Mexican mom and a German/Swedish dad. Thanks to them, she grew up between two cities named St. Louis, one in Missouri, and the other, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Having traveled extensively and lived in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Honduras, Colombia, and other Latin countries, as well as having circled the globe at least once, visiting most of Europe, India, Japan, and Kenya, Catalina infuses her Latino/Latin radio shows with a multi-cultural perspective, highlighting the great richness and diversity of Latin music reaching back to classic recordings and looking ahead for the best of today's emerging sounds, styles, and performers.

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