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Caption:, Credit: photo by Oolong

Is That My Imagination? (03:00)
From: Meghan Vigeant

The story of a mind on strike. Inside the bipolar mind.
Caption: Clyde Torrey, Credit: Marjorie Whitted (Swan's Island Memory Project)

The Legend of Clyde Torrey (04:42)
From: Meghan Vigeant

A true island character here. Clyde Torrey. Fire and homelessness could not dampen his spirit or his music.
Caption: Dance at the Swan's Island Odd Fellows Hall, Credit: Joyce Knight (Swan's Island Memory Project)

Last Member of the Band (03:27)
From: Meghan Vigeant

Probably the biggest musical feature of Swan’s Island history were the dances at the Odd Fellows Hall. Marion Stinson was there adding her own flair for music with the island band.
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Record Hop Romance (04:15)
From: Meghan Vigeant

As Elvis and Chubby Checker came into American homes Swan’s Island teenagers were jiving along, too. Gwen May remembers the record hops she went to as a teenager on the ...
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Ball Game Days of Swan's Island (04:41)
From: Meghan Vigeant

The softball players on Swan's Island were more than a team. They were a family.