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Comment for "An Addict Named Lady"

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Review of An Addict Named Lady

Good Fun. Liked the use of tape, if "Family Guy" makes it in any story, then I'm a fan! It's not about anything, really; so glad I didn't hear about a human/family member that was going through a similar experience, as say a commentary seems to require. Dog stories sell.

Comment for "Here There is No Moon (European version 31:54)"

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Review of Here There is No Moon (European version 31:54)

A pleasant ride through troubled minds. Lots of voices saying powerful things. Well scored, perfect music to guide our emotional journey. Can hear the great energy that went into editing this piece; touched on many of the themes/topics that circle around the topic. A shorter version might get a national airing.
I didn’t connect with anyone however, seemed more of a reporter’s microphone that keeps a slight distance—we are only Hearing these stories, just an inch from feeling them. Liked the exploration of literature and performance readings, but feels, to me, a little jarring: a then/now? actor/ tape? shock. Liked the 911 tape sounds in the background, a reminder of the chaos. Beautifully edited layering of sounds and voices. Don’t need the PSA at the end, that can be done by someone inside the piece.

Comment for "With This Ring-Pledging Abstinence: Inside Out" (deleted)

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Review of With This Ring: Pledging Abstinence - Inside Out (deleted)

What comes across most clearly in this piece is the hard work of the producer. Great stepping of narration over tape, clever editing and clear that a lot of work went into it. I'd say it was money well spent if that could be said in the rich bounty of public radio.
OK, I don't care that much for the characters. It's been a while since I heard it, but all I recall taking from it is how well it was done, not necessarily the subjects (I appreciate it's hard to find teens who are both interesting and abstinent (here comes the hate mail)).

There’s just one thing missing: SEX. Where is the temptation in the story? The distracting and saturating angst of the physical? The other side? I’m sure it’s there, but was cut…ouch. What’s happened to bodily functions in public radio?

This must air nationally! Maybe a 30min edit, for all those teens cuddled together making-out to public radio. Picture that.

Comment for "Mandela: An Audio History (Hour Version)"

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Review of Mandela: An Audio History (Hour Version)

Radio Diaries at its best. An amazing and powerful use of archive and new interviews, assembled with such skill the listener goes on a tour of history--like tuning a short-wave radio through an all too recent past. A tasteful refrain of non-scene music and other pure documentary techniques makes this one of the best tributes our country has to a great and peaceful man.

Comment for "Charley the Spelling Whiz"

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Review of Charley the Spelling Whiz

Nicely edited.
Didn't really learn anything interesting or new however--or get to know the kid very well. Comfortable portrait.

Comment for "This American Cheese"

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Review of This American Cheese

Didn't work for me at all, like 14year olds making a home movie. Nothing like KUOW's "Rewind" doing 'this american car talk,' at least there the person SOUNDED like Ira glass. Not suitable for NPR's 3min slots in so many ways...

Comment for "Beep"

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Review of Beep

An escalation of humor and darkness reminiscent of Joe Frank. Rushed, but fun. Well written, delivery OK but had an air of acting. Produced a good laugh and a good shutter.

Comment for "Who Is Harvey Pekar?" (deleted)

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Review of Who Is Harvey Pekar? (deleted)

A strange, and I fear, accurate portrait of a person by the person. Well timed with the film. I can stand to hear him even after I've seen him, and because I like radio, I think this piece is a clearer 'picture' of Pekar. New adjective: Pekarish.

Comment for "Meaning of Life Show: Episode 1 - Music"

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Review of Meaning of Life Show: Episode 1 - Music

A thorough saunter through music and life. Very BBC-ish. The brevity-bug in me wants to say it can work shortened as well. Something to listen to while you're doing something else kind of piece. Well researched and produced, learned a lot the more I review the piece in my head. Will be interested in the next installment.

Comment for "People Don't Have Anything to Say"

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Review of People Don't Have Anything to Say

What the heck was that? Hard to categorize, offbeat topic, onbeat music... A musical look behind the magic of the otherwise energy-less public radio v. author/poet chat. I think.