Jenny Asarnow

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  • Username: jennya
  • Program Producer, RadioActive Youth Media
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Station-Based

Recent Pieces from Jenny Asarnow

Caption: People listening to Saltwater Soundwalk in Seattle., Credit: Jenny Asarnow

Saltwater Soundwalk: Indigenous Audio Tour of Seattle (29:00)
From: Making Contact

On today's show, we'll travel to Seattle to hear indigenous voices and Coast Salish languages, and to reflect on the importance of the Salish Sea and connecting waters, by ...
Caption: Mexico - Railroad scenes: Train crossing bridge at Crucitas, Credit: Photo by W.H. Jackson

HV043- Go By Train (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Musician Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, K Records) hosts train tales: An existential interaction with an automated Amtrak voice. The Kronos Quartet plays Steve Reich's ...
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Around The World With RadioActive (19:07)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

RadioActive is back with a monthly podcast! This month, hosts Tatevik Aprikyan and Kendrick Bradley take us from Seattle to Japan. Kamna Shastri reports on the traditions ...
Caption: Dolphins being butchered in Taiji, Japan. , Credit: Photo by <a href="">Elora West</a>

Witnessing 'The Cove' (05:27)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

17-year-old Elora West is riled up when she sees "The Cove," an Oscar-winning documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan. Then she gets the chance to go protest the hunts ...
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The Tragic End Of Summer Soundwave (17:23)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Hosts Molly and Zoe are too busy coping with the tragic end of Summer Soundwave to fabricate a theme from two very different stories. First, we hear how a girl who grew up ...
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Salt On the Lips (02:59)
From: Third Coast International Audio Festival

David channels his frustrated desires into detailed fantasies for the perfect sensual feast.
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Michelle Alexander: Mass Incarceration Is The New Jim Crow (49:27)
From: KUOW

More African Americans are incarcerated, on probation or on parole than were enslaved in 1850. Civil rights lawyer Michelle Alexander argues the mass incarceration of African ...
Caption: Claudia Villa with her high school diploma

Schooled: Teens' Stories About American Public Education (55:59)
From: KUOW

Teens talk about standards, inequality, and getting out of public high school in America. Schooled is one hour of some of the best youth radio stories on PRX. The show is ...
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Reza Aslan: How to get out of the 'cosmic' war in the Middle East (Lecture) (53:55)
From: KUOW

Reza Aslan says America will never "out-fanaticize" religious fundamentalists in the Middle East -- and should stop trying to win wars on their terms.
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James Bamford: Inside the National Security Agency (Lecture) (54:00)
From: KUOW

The National Security Agency was once nicknamed "No Such Agency." For years, the U.S. government wouldn't admit it existed. James Bamford is the author of the only two books ...