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Caption: Lynn Rosenthal, chair of the Pentagon’s sexual assault independent review committee, speaks to the media July 2 about proposed changes in military sexual assault and harassment investigations., Credit: Jackie Sanders / Department of Defense

The military's plan to reform its response to sex crimes likely will take years to enact (03:24)
From: American Homefront Project

President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have endorsed major changes in how the military handles sexual assault and harassment cases. But reforms may not happen ...
Caption: Staff Sgt. Ebony Rice (second from right) unfurls a map and explains to a group of young soldiers that they need to work together in order to succeed in a mock mission., Credit: Carson Frame / American Homefront

A new Army program is teaching leaders to be more compassionate and less 'toxic' (03:44)
From: American Homefront Project

The program has debuted at Fort Hood, Texas, where Spc. Vanessa Guillen's killing last year led to criticism of the base's culture and command climate.
Caption: Staff Sgt. Antoine raises his head as a flight surgeon inspects his neck and face during a 2018 shaving waiver course at Beale Air Force Base in California., Credit: Colville McFee / U.S. Air Force

A skin condition makes it hard for some Black men to shave ... and get ahead in the military (03:43)
From: American Homefront Project

Some Air Force members say they're facing discrimination because it's hard for them to shave their faces daily. Many have a skin condition that's especially common among Black men.
Caption: Cars line up at a March food distribution event at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio., Credit: Carson Frame / American Homefront

As their spouses lost jobs in the pandemic, more troops began relying on emergency food aid (03:11)
From: American Homefront Project

A new report says military families are relying more on food banks and other emergency aid, partly because military spouses lost their jobs or had their hours cut during the ...
Caption: In a "Shark Tank" style event, 34 soldiers in the 18th Airborne Corps submitted proposals to improve the Army program that responds to sexual harassment and assault. The Corps has committed to implementing the concepts of seven finalists., Credit: Marygian D. Barnes / U.S. Army

Under pressure to address sex crimes in the ranks, an Army unit is asking soldiers for ideas (03:13)
From: American Homefront Project

Army leaders concede that a program designed to eliminate sexual harassment and abuse has not achieved its goal. So the 18th Airborne Corps held a "Shark Tank" type event for ...