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Ultimate Mark: "I Just Love Playing Too Much!" (18:49)
From: Fluent Knowledge

In My Body Odyssey’s (MBO) first episode, we meet Ultimate Mark – uber-competitive weekend warrior in Ultimate Disc: “If it hurts me but helps the team, it's worth it in my ...
Caption: Episode Artwork

Iron Woman Diane: The Rewards & Challenges of Exercise With Diabetes (18:04)
From: Fluent Knowledge

This 2nd MBO episode features Diane, an amateur triathlete who’s also a Type 1 diabetic. Diane's completed three full Ironman triathlons, numerous marathons, and many cycling ...
Caption: My Body Odyssey - Episode 4

Mom-on-the-Run Erin: The Challenges of Postpartum Depression (20:39)
From: Fluent Knowledge

"Pregnancy is no joke," Erin tells us in this body odyssey that's both deeply personal and all-too-common. Having been on bed rest with preeclampsia, Erin confides, “I wasn’t ...
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Deval Patrick Talks Governing: These Not So United States (MA Part One) (31:26)
From: Fluent Knowledge

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick talks about polarization in the U.S. and his improbable American journey.
Caption: End of Bay State Bipartisanship?: These Not So United States (MA Part Two)

End of Bay State Bipartisanship?: These Not So United States (MA Part Two) (28:51)
From: Fluent Knowledge

Former MA Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey and UMass Amherst Professor Alex Theodoridis discuss how national polarization is affecting Massachusetts politics in 2022.