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Caption: An Oregon petition signature sheet, Credit: Oregon Secretary of State

Pandemic Forces Oregon Ballot Initiatives to Spend Far More than Planned (04:57)
From: Kate Kaye

COVID-19 is a problem for the 50 initiatives, referenda and referrals that still technically could end up on the ballot in Oregon in November. To gather enough signatures, ...
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Rush to COVID-19 Tech in Portland, OR Leads to Lack of Privacy, Security Measures (05:39)
From: Kate Kaye

A rushed process for launching a COVID-19 screening site leaves lots of data privacy and security questions unanswered.
Caption: Suckerpunch's Yelp page featuring a short-lived GoFundMe fundraiser, Credit: Andy McMillan

Yelp's COVID-19 Fundraiser an Example of Tech Industry Hubris, Critics Say (04:01)
From: Kate Kaye

A Portland, OR entrepreneur and a former Obama administration FTC chief technology officer say a short-lived Yelp and GoFundMe program to aid small businesses was another ...