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Recent Pieces from Katz Laszlo

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A Fisherman goes to Brussels (26:13)
From: Katz Laszlo

An artesanal fisherman from a small Catalan village ends up shaping EU fishing law.
Caption: Bob and Ethan on their Boat

Big and Little (04:55)
From: Katz Laszlo

The unlikely, childless Bob Mailloux signs up to be a Big Brother and is changed forever. Mashpee, Massachusetts, September, 2019.
Caption: Screenshot from Nautilus Livestream, October 2019, Credit: Nautilus

Whale Fall (11:46)
From: Katz Laszlo

In this piece we hear the process of musicians and scientists who collaborated to turn deep sea research into a song. Produced in Woods Hole, MA, November, 2019