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  • Independent print and radio journalist
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Recent Pieces from Lee Romney

Caption: Carver Elementary students line up to begin the school day at the campus in San Francisco's Bayview district., Credit: Lee Romney / KALW

The Big Lift (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Meeting family needs in a city of widening wealth gaps is a big lift. Studies show that when parents are engaged in their kids’ education, it has a huge impact. Reporter Lee ...
Caption: Darryl Lester (Larry P.) and wife Cecilia in their Tacoma home., Credit: Lee Romney

A Legacy of Mistreatment (29:00)
From: Making Contact

African American students across the country are much more likely than any other student group to be placed in special education. This week, we hear what is and isn’t working ...
Caption: Bob Henry in his Wellfleet studio, Credit: Lee Romney

Together then Alone (04:51)
From: Lee Romney

Bob Henry and Selina Trieff came to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to paint in the 1950s. For six decades, they thrived in love and art. Bob’s work has always evoked a world that’s ...
Caption: Jennie Wiley with her collaging journal, Credit: Lee Romney

Life After Trauma (08:47)
From: Lee Romney

The story of one woman with PTSD and her efforts to re-train her brain so she can live a new life.