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Caption: Ida, Credit: NASA

714-Why Look(500) (02:00)
From: Al Grauer

What asteroid hunters fear is that a small space rock capable of injuring people and damaging buildings is heading our way and that we will not find it in time to give a ...
Caption: Opportunity Rover, Credit: NASA

713-Oppy(499) (02:00)
From: Al Grauer

The NASA Mars Opportunity Rover, nicked named Oppy by those who operate and love it ,was designed to last 90 days on the Martian surface but has continued to explore the ...
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712-Tiny Traveler(498) (02:00)
From: Al Grauer

Although small space rocks pose no threat to humans, they are an interesting part of our environment, offer a chance for asteroid hunters to develop their tracking skills, ...
Caption: HST-Galaxies, Credit: NASA

711-First One(497) (02:00)
From: Al Grauer

Asteroid hunters were able to discover a small Earth approaching asteroid after 57 nights of continuous rain and clouds.
Caption: Fireball, Credit: Arne Danielsen

710-Boomer(496) (02:00)
From: Al Grauer

The fireball meteor streaking across the sky the early evening of January 17, 2018, witnessed by 700 observers in 11 States and Canada was also recorded by infrasonic ...