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State of Minnesota's Border to Border Broadband Fund (23:25)
From: Nick Stumo-Langer

Episode 119: Earlier, this year, the Minnesota Legislature established a "Border to Border" Broadband fund to expand Internet access to the least connected in the state. ...
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The Real Threats from Monopoly (19:42)
From: Nick Stumo-Langer

Episode 83: When we think about the threat of monopoly, we almost always focus on how monopolies can raise prices beyond what is reasonable. But there are many threats from ...
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Lancaster: The Leading Solar City? (19:21)
From: Nick Stumo-Langer

Episode 23: Jason Caudle, city manager with the City of Lancaster, talked with John Farrell in April 2015 about his city’s solar boom. With more than 118 MW of solar, both ...