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Caption: Alex Valentine’s headshot outside Highfield Hall during the production of “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.” Alex played the role of Bert Bratt. - May 2015, Credit: Mark Bramhill

Salvation on Stage (04:35)
From: Justin Bull

It hurts when you know you missed an opportunity. One actor from Dartmouth, Massachusetts knows that feeling. But he just landed the lead role in a community production on ...
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Youth Exodus From Cape Cod (01:30)
From: Justin Bull

Shoppers in Falmouth, Massachusetts discuss what they might say to any of the vast numbers of young people leaving Cape Cod for better opportunities. This piece was produced ...
Caption: Gabbe Rowland, a vocal survivor of domestic violence, at her home in East Falmouth, Massachusetts in May 2015., Credit: Justin Bull

One Way To Learn About Violence (07:49)
From: Justin Bull

The Center for Disease Control says approximately 12 million Americans have been abused by a partner. One reporter is admittedly naïve as to what abuse means to survivors. Of ...
Caption: Graeme S. Mount, retired professor of history at Sudbury's Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, at his home in Sudbury, May 2015., Credit: Justin Bull

A Canadian Vacation (08:56)
From: Justin Bull

If the United States were embroiled in a third world war and the American public learned that Barack Obama were taking eight days off in the middle of the crisis to fish for ...
Caption: Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real

Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real (54:00)
From: WBEZ

In this one-hour special, Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real, award-winning storyteller Shannon Cason (The Moth, Snap Judgment) takes us on a journey that finds hope in ...