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Caption: Angie Coiro, Credit: Host, Senior Producer

The Sex Education You Wish You Had (59:51)
From: Gordon Whiting

Show #81 Hour 2 April 18, 2015 | Guests: Julie Metzger and Dr. Robert Lehman, Sex and Health Educators at Great Conversations, Seattle WA.
Caption: Angie Coiro, author Beth Pratt Bergstrom and California mountain lion P-22, Credit: Gordon Whiting

When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors (01:00:01)
From: Gordon Whiting

Did you know that a mountain lion, known as P-22, lives in the middle of Los Angeles, that the Facebook campus in Silicon Valley provided a home for an endearing family of ...
Caption: Angie Coiro with Antonio Garcia Martinez, Credit: Carolee Hazard

Chaos Monkeys: Antonio Garcia Martinez on the Real Silicon Valley (01:00:01)
From: Gordon Whiting

Technology veteran and now author, Antonio García Martínez, discusses his new book, Chaos Monkeys. Imagine a chimpanzee rampaging through a datacenter powering everything ...
Caption: Angie Coiro talks with Jon Carroll, Credit: Carolee Hazard

A Newspaperman Remembers: Jon Carroll on Cats, Kids, Columns and Mondegreens (01:00:01)
From: Gordon Whiting

n 1983, Jon Carroll stepped into the shoes of legendary columnist Charles McCabe at the San Francisco Chronicle. He stepped down in 2015. In those three decades he churned ...
Caption: Dr. BJ Miller in conversation with Angie Coiro, Credit: Gordon Whiting

The Art of Dying, a Zen Approach (59:56)
From: Gordon Whiting

BJ Miller summarizes the lessons of his work at UCSF Medical Center’s Zen Hospice Project in two words: “Love matters”. Dr. Miller brings his life experience as a student of ...

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