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Caption: Bobby Jones stand on the site of his old patio, which is now partially buried by last year's floods., Credit: Veronica Volk, Great Lakes Today

Residents along Lake Ontario fear another flood season (03:40)
From: Great Lakes Today

Last year, flooding along Lake Ontario caused millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses. Now, lake levels are several inches above normal. and some residents ...
Caption: Different species of algae await testing in the ongoing fight against harmful algal blooms, Credit: Veronica Volk, Great Lakes Today

Can New York solve harmful algae blooms? (03:25)
From: Great Lakes Today

In the Great Lakes region, toxic algae blooms are a big problem. Every summer, they leave a green sheen on parts of the Great Lakes – and on many smaller lakes. New York ...
Caption: Barbara Jackson helps her son Jonathan put on his graduation cap and gown., Credit: Malinda Ruit/WXXI News

Imagining the future and 'other people caring for him' (04:11)
From: WXXI

People like Jonathan Jackson tend to have an entourage. An entourage can consist of professionals and family members who support someone with disabilities in all kinds of ...
Caption: Veronica Volk/WXXI News, Credit: Akin Johnson holds his credential during the East High School commencement in June 2017.

How disabled is too disabled to work? (03:20)
From: WXXI

In recent years, there has been a push to get people with disabilities into the general workforce. But despite these initiatives, some students who aspire to work are running ...
Caption: While Carrie D'Olivo says there's no particular task that she especially enjoys in her job at ArcWorks, she says she wants "to stay here as long as I can.", Credit: MALINDA RUIT/WXXI NEWS

The uncertain future of segregated workshops (03:38)
From: WXXI

For lots of people, leaving high school means looking for a job. But for some people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, finding a job in a typical way might be ...
Caption: Maggie McCrumb plays with a child at a day care center while being assessed by a "vocational evaluator," in order to get help with job placement from New York state., Credit: KAREN SHAKERDGE/WXXI NEWS

Leaving college with lots of benefits — but no degree (03:27)
From: WXXI

The number of college-based programs for students with intellectual disabilities is growing across the country, and they often provide many of those benefits — except for a ...
Caption: Nate Taylor works on an assignment during a class for students with disabilities that he took over the summer to avoid regression during the break., Credit: KAREN SHAKERDGE/WXXI NEWS

Want a diploma? Go through this maze first (03:25)
From: WXXI

In the first episode of Exited, explore an early factor in transition – graduation tracks – through the experience of 17-year-old Nate, a student who doesn’t quite fit on any ...
Caption: Kramer's dairy cows turned out to pasture., Credit: Veronica Volk

Helping the Great Lakes one dairy cow at a time (03:23)
From: Great Lakes Today

What does a dairy cow have to do with a healthy lake ecosystem? At a recent Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Buffalo New York, people were invited out to witness that ...
Caption: Julie Cataldo prepared to be lifted from her wheelchair into an accessible kayak on the Erie Canal., Credit: Veronica Volk

Disabilities no longer a barrier to Great Lakes' waters (03:34)
From: Great Lakes Today

The Great Lakes region provides recreational opportunities all year – whether it’s hiking in the fall, ice fishing in the winter, or boating in the spring and summer. But not ...
Caption: Tony David (right) and an apprentice, Angelo Johnson (left) look out over the water where the dam used to be., Credit: Veronica Volk

Dam removal sparks cultural revival in Akwesasne (04:16)
From: Great Lakes Today

Seventy-two dams in the U-S were demolished last year; and hundreds more were removed in the past decade. Most are taken down as part of an effort to restore rivers and the ...