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Free In My Mind: Surviving Incarceration Through Music (08:22)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Two Minnesota musicians, Amanda Weber and Natalie Pollard, are starting what is thought to be the first re-entry choir in the U.S. Pollard shares the ways music sustained her ...
Caption: The Baldies, Credit: Kara La Lomia

Fighting Back: The Rise of Anti-Racist Action in Minneapolis (54:37)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

In the days after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, youth-led protests in the city helped spark rebellions around the globe. The police, military, and white supremacist ...
Caption: Artwork depicting George Floyd created by Peyton Scott Russell at 38th and Chicago Ave in South Minneapolis., Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 27: What Do We Do Now? (24:45)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

When George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day, pain and anger blasted like a shock wave across the Twin Cities and the world. Floyd’s death was followed ...
Caption: Twin Cities hip-hop artist Nur-D., Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 26: What Are You Making? (26:36)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

We’re still social distancing. But we’re still making stuff. Some artists have changed what they make. Others have changed how they make it. KFAI’s Barb Abney hosts from home ...
Caption: Dancer Djenane Saint Juste, Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 25: How Are You Doing? (19:37)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Hear stories of Minnesota artists making it work in this time of social distancing. Barb Abney hosts the Season 4 launch from her daughter's bedroom while social distancing ...
Caption: Aaron Jordan-Peterson in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Queen In The North (05:30)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

When Aaron Jordan-Peterson moved back to rural Minnesota three years ago, he decided not to try to hide his gay identity like he had earlier in life. He even brings it to the ...
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Rinkside With Brownbody (04:13)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Black figure skaters are far and few between. Deneane Richburg is one of just a few in Minnesota. She's created a project that puts stories and movements of the African ...
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Carving A Carousel | Wabasha County, Minn. (04:37)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

LARK Toys is nestled inside a nondescript building in tiny Kellogg, Minnesota. Inside is another world, complete with a carousel of giant wooden creatures. KFAI’s Anna Stitt ...
Caption: Jim Pessek outside the defunct Red Owl store in Stewart, Minn., Credit: Anna Stitt

Red Owl Revival | McLeod County, Minn. (04:42)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Stewart, Minnesota, used to be a bustling farm and railroad town. In recent decades, stores have been shuttered and young people have left. But not Jim Pessek. The ...
Caption: Denise "Seven" Bailey and Tristan Al-Haddad, Credit: Kathy M Helgeson/Dunwoody College of Technology

Bending Nimbus To Her Will (04:21)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Designing Nimbus—a giant, donut-shaped sculpture for Nicollet Mall—was just the beginning. Artist Tristan Al-Haddad also needed a talented crew to weld it into existence. For ...