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Rinkside With Brownbody (04:13)
From: KFAI

Black figure skaters are far and few between. Deneane Richburg is one of just a few in Minnesota. She's created a project that puts stories and movements of the African ...
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Carving A Carousel | Wabasha County, Minn. (04:37)
From: KFAI

LARK Toys is nestled inside a nondescript building in tiny Kellogg, Minnesota. Inside is another world, complete with a carousel of giant wooden creatures. KFAI’s Anna Stitt ...
Caption: Jim Pessek outside the defunct Red Owl store in Stewart, Minn., Credit: Anna Stitt

Red Owl Revival | McLeod County, Minn. (04:42)
From: KFAI

Stewart, Minnesota, used to be a bustling farm and railroad town. In recent decades, stores have been shuttered and young people have left. But not Jim Pessek. The ...
Caption: Denise "Seven" Bailey and Tristan Al-Haddad, Credit: Kathy M Helgeson/Dunwoody College of Technology

Bending Nimbus To Her Will (04:21)
From: KFAI

Designing Nimbus—a giant, donut-shaped sculpture for Nicollet Mall—was just the beginning. Artist Tristan Al-Haddad also needed a talented crew to weld it into existence. For ...
Caption: Djenane Saint Juste of Afoutayi Dance, Music, and Arts Company., Credit: Anna Stitt

Born Dancing, Literally (04:50)
From: KFAI

In 2010, an earthquake shook Haiti, killing at least 200,000 people. In response, some Minnesota couples adopted Haitian children. That inspired a mother-daughter dance team ...
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Human-Centered Therapy...with Robots (28:19)
From: Distillations

Are we overestimating artificial intelligence?
Caption: Weather Made to Order? , Credit: May 28, 1954 Collier's magazine cover.

Acts of God, Acts of Men: (36:16)
From: Distillations

When we turn nature into a weapon.
Caption:  We can see that neurons fire when people complain of central pain, but still no one knows why. , Credit: Gerd Altmann

Pain Unknown: Living with Fibromyalgia (08:32)
From: Anna Stitt

Cindey LeGeyt and Danielle Cellucci have fatigue and intense pain all over their bodies, and they believe they have a disease. But many people say they're bringing it on ...
Caption: Lisa Raffael decorates a model wedding cake in her Falmouth, Massachusetts cake shop. , Credit: Anna Stitt

Story of a Wedding Cake Maker (04:37)
From: Anna Stitt

Lisa Raffael's wedding cakes are the center of attention only briefly before they're cut and eaten. But the time she puts into them – that's another story.