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About Me

Annex Radio was born on a hot summers day in late July, 2011. A close friend had been diagnosed with cancer and in a feeble attempt to entertain during chemotherapy I made a series of CDs featuring a mock radio station broadcasting beyond the dial at WAXR - Annex Radio. It featured music, a DJ, an incompetent weatherman and an assortment of commercials for products that should never be made nor advertised. Despite my lack of technical experience, I fell into the project, dedicating a love and energy unlike anything I'd done before.

Thanks to modern medicine and her spirit, my friend made a full and healthy recovery and I began searching for a new way to continue on with my new found passion. After many false starts, I came up with what I present to you now, a new kind of radio playhouse inspired by podcast greats Ira Glass, Stephen Tobolowsky and Alex Blumberg. While I will not pretend that my work will match their unparalleled quality and decades of experience, I can promise that they are the greats I aspire to be and I am ready and willing to tackle the many sleepless nights to get it done.

For your consideration, I present Annex Radio: The Modern Radio Playhouse and it's pilot season: Convention.

Enjoy the show and do not hesitate to contact me with feedback and suggestions.

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Favorite Shows: This American Life, The Tobolowsky Files, Serial, Startup, Planet Money, Sound Opinions, Radiolab, Radiotopia
Influences: This American Life, The Tobolowsky Files

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