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America (01:57:14)
From: Garrett Stack

Celebrate our country in song. From pop, rock and soul, to country, Broadway and film, music about America has never been in short supply.
Caption: African American Pop, Rock & Soul

Celebrate African American Pop, Rock & Soul (01:55:52)
From: Garrett Stack

The Museum of African American History and Culture is cause for Americans to celebrate. We celebrate the music.
Caption: American Jukebox®

Angel Hair & Tinsel: Another Baby Boomer's Christmas (01:56:53)
From: Garrett Stack

Baby Boomers were born from 1946 - 1964, coming of age in the '60s through the '80s. Here's the Christmas music of their lives, and the lives they touched.
Caption: All Story Songs

Tell Me A Story (01:56:23)
From: Garrett Stack

Ever think about how many great hit songs tell stories, with a beginning, a middle and an end? The short answer: countless.
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American Jukebox Turns Ten! (01:55:50)
From: Garrett Stack

Marking the 10th anniversary of American Jukebox® Garrett narrows down his ten favorites: groups, solo artists and desert island albums.

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