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NOVA Minute: How to Speak Walrus (01:30)
From: NOVA

Marine biologist Colleen Reichmuth works with walruses. She says that, like dolphins, they can communicate using an amazing variety of sounds.
Caption: Kenny Broad

NOVA Minute: Diving in Underwater Caves (01:29)
From: NOVA

Anthropologist and explorer Kenny Broad studies some of the world's most dangerous places—underwater caves called "Blue Holes."
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NOVA Minute: Speaking Ancient Maya (01:27)
From: NOVA

Anthropologist Barbara McLeod explains how she learned to speak ancient Maya.
Caption: Sam Bowring, Credit: MIT

NOVA Minute: Humans and Mass Extinction (01:29)
From: NOVA

Sam Bowring studies mass extinctions in the Earth's past. He says humans might not be around much longer... geologically speaking.
Caption: Mark Siddall, Credit: Sara Watson

NOVA Minute: Leeches (01:14)
From: NOVA

Leech expert Mark Siddall explains why leeches can survive on nothing but blood.