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Recent Pieces from Kara Janeczko

Caption: Jenny Bovey at her store in Chatham, MA, Credit: Kara Janeczko

Jenny Bovey, Fish Printer (04:28)
From: Kara Janeczko

Jenny Bovey's fish don't stink. She's one of the few full time practitioners of a 2,000-year-old Japanese art form called "Gyotaku." She and her husband run Blue Water Fish ...
Caption: Chuck Martinsen holds a glass eel. , Credit: Kara Janeczko

Dark Night, Glass Eels (09:50)
From: Kara Janeczko

The American Eel is in trouble. East Asian markets have set skyrocketing prices for the young glass eels, but it's illegal to catch them in Massachusetts. But poachers ...