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Caption: The Face Of Dough, Credit: Jaime Boddorff

Episode 1: Firsts (47:04)
From: Ethan Woods

Our initial dive into the tar... Music by Alvin Lucier and the Chipmunks, Petra Boo and the Goo Goos, Wilburn Jetsett, The Turntables, Wiggle Jeff, and Big Big Big Big Big ...
Caption: Mouth Of The Abyss, Credit: Lauren Gurney

Episode 2: Appointments (51:07)
From: Ethan Woods

An episode about appointments featuring Randall Jarrell, Tina the Tyrant, and Pillowman. Music by The Suitcase, Film Society for Nomads, Tumbleweed Tuna, The Hot Toddies, ...