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Caption: TedxAbqWomen 2013, Credit: Giovanna Rossi

Women inventors and problem solvers (29:00)
From: Giovanna Rossi

A show about innovative solutions from women including business owner Christine Wagner, high school musician Kaitlin Jackson, and Dr. Ruthie Watson.
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Women in Business: Stay healthy and achieve a healthy economy (29:24)
From: Giovanna Rossi

This month Well Woman Radio will focus on women in business, and changes needed in the way businesses run in order to stay healthy and achieve a healthy economy.
Caption: Jessica Jerome of the U.S. is airborne during her ski jump, Credit: USA Today

Women's Ski Jump: Inappropriate or overdue? (29:30)
From: Giovanna Rossi

Is Olympic ski jumping “inappropriate for ladies from a medical point of view” as claimed by an International Olympic Committee member? We’ll hear from the former mayor of ...
Caption: Edith Lederer, AP 1972

Women and Journalism: how the role of women in the media has changed over the last 50 years (28:30)
From: Giovanna Rossi

This show focuses on feminism and journalism. I’ll talk to three seasoned journalists as well as the Women’s Media Center to find out how the role of women in the media has ...
Caption: Dr. Jan Werbinski, MD

Wine and health: how do women and men differ? (29:29)
From: Giovanna Rossi

When choosing wine do you stop to think about the affect it has on your health and well being? And do men and women engage with it differently? From tongue to kidneys this ...