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Don't Say Gay (29:58)
From: Ben Weisz

Original documentary about teaching young children about homosexuality. *WINNER New York Festivals Radio Awards 2013 - Best Documentary (Bronze)*
Caption: Jesus Green, Credit: Ben Weisz

Caesarian Sunday - a storm in a Pimms cup? (14:56)
From: Ben Weisz

Every year, in a decades-old tradition, student drinking societies descend on Jesus Green in the heart of the English University city of Cambridge for a huge booze-up, ...
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Uruguay votes on legalizing marijuana (06:51)
From: Ben Weisz

On the eve of a vote in Uruguay's House of Representatives on the legalisation of Marijuana, Ben Weisz reports from Montevideo on a country yet to be convinced by the ...
Caption: Girl on the family cart, Credit: Ben Weisz 2013

Clasificadores and Child Labour - Uruguay (09:27)
From: Ben Weisz

Ben Weisz investigates how child labour is rife among Montevideo's rubbish-cart drivers, and what is being done to help.
Caption: Child with tambor

Candombe (08:28)
From: Ben Weisz

Ben Weisz discovers the vibrant street tradition of Candombe drumming, and explores its origins among Montevideo's Afro-Uruguayan community.