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Recent Pieces from Ben Harden

Caption: Ken Golden drilling through the sea ice, Credit: Amanda Kowalski

The Indiana Jones of Mathematics (07:32)
From: Ben Harden

Ken Golden isn't your typical mathematician. He's the Indiana Jones of Mathematics. He gets up from behind his desk, armed with mathematical theory and gets out into the ...
Caption: Carolinn Skyler player the largest Armonica in the world

Glass Armonica (04:43)
From: Ben Harden

Carolinn Skyler plays a very peculiar musical instrument. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it. But the sound of it might me familiar if you’ve ever tried ...
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A day at Herring River (07:58)
From: Ben Harden

Every spring, river herring return to the rivers and ponds of Cape Cod to spawn. They are met by a group of volunteers who, come rain or shine, show up on the river banks to ...