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Comment for "CPS: Sometimes It Does More Harm Than Good"

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This piece feels very personal and expressive. Hearing about this family's experience with CPS tells a very personal story of their's but gives an insight that is attainable from no one else. The story is a tearjerker but with lots of hope. Hearing Tessa's cousin speak about her experience invokes many ideas and feelings on the whole topic of CPS and their influence on the lives of people around us.

I liked the version with music but It was difficult to hear the narration. Great work.

Comment for "Gentrification in East Harlem"

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Real Life Stuff

I am glad to hear someone talking about gentrification and displacement and how communities are affected. The narration of the piece was very on point to moving the piece along with good transitions and clear, concise speaking.

I feel that this piece could of really benefited from some music but the lack of music takes nothing away from the piece's quality. Hearing the honest voices of and stories really gave me a realistic perspective of this topic.

Comment for "Race Equity "

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This piece is very powerful and raw. I enjoyed this piece for its diction and very direct message. Luna's perspective from inside of private school gives a very interesting perspective of modern racial issues. Her pacing added to the overall youthful passion for this topic conveyed in her speech. The segment of her speech in which she tells the dialogue between her and her teacher about the authors of the humanities text books really hit a nerve with me having been a dialogue I have had before. I really enjoyed this piece and hope to hear more powerful words from my generation.

Comment for "One Trillion Dollar$"

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One trillion ideas for One Trillion dollars

This piece is interesting and I liked the way it began, with the woman confessing to not even truly understanding the concept of 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) dollars. Especially in these times where the word is thrown around very often and can be intimidating. I like the idealism that is conveyed in people's response the question.

This piece has a great topic but my only critique would be in the levels or mix on the audio. There are parts of the piece where I hear some distortion in the audio. Overall I think this is a good easy going piece.

Comment for "Adolescent Brain Development and the Long-Term Impacts of Drug Abuse"

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This issue is one I see around me all the time living in a big city. I like the varied views and people on this piece. I appreciate the credit given to teens, and the honest words of the speakers. I think that this piece sends out some important messages without scaring anyone off. The editing and levels sound great. I think this piece could have a little more depth and really cover a lot of ground but I'm not the producer. I think this piece breaks the surface of the topic and leaves the rest up to you. Good work, I'll be looking forward to more.

Comment for "Dial-Up"

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Listening to Dial-Up gave me a nostalgic feeling and quenched my thirst for some garage jams and pop. "Designer Homes" has an interesting structure with a campy but good feel, with a fuzzy tone that sounds similar to a cassette tape. "Last Day of Summer" is perfectly titled from the laid back vocals and instrumentation to that nostalgic sound that takes me back to the realization of having to go back to real life after a long summer. I really enjoyed this piece, great job Radio K with consistent music and Dial-Up for the great tunes.

Comment for "Conversion to Islam in the United States"

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Nice to see the new face

This piece to me is a great alternative view of a very tense topic. I really liked the clear, and concise flow of this piece which asked and answered many interesting questions. The facts in this piece really jogged my mind on the topic and got me thoughts running and shortly after the interviews gave a very real view on the thoughts and feelings of real Muslim's on Islam's reputation in the media. I would like to hear more of this kind of work, and get these often unheard voices.

Comment for "Self-taught"

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This piece is awesome and Matt's attitude reminds of my experience at the Exploratorium. I really like that kind of initiative to build, learn, explore and create things on your own. I feel that this piece has good elements of story telling and I get to really understand this guy for example, interviewing his wife added an interesting perspective.

The production on this piece is spot on with good transitions, good levels and good pacing. Not much else to say except I have many jobs for Matt if he wants to help me out and great piece Neena.

Comment for "Judging graffiti: Art or vandalism?"

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Hearing the city speak

This piece a tells a balanced narrative on the controversial topic of graffiti. The feeling of this piece is raw, and tells the story from a very down to earth level. Lupe's observations of graffiti on the Muni bus actually being recorded on the bus really added a nice touch to the story and the setting. The production of this piece is spot on, with a smooth, professional sound.

Hearing the different people in the community speaking on this topic really made this piece speak to a wide audience while still retaining its balance. I enjoyed this piece and I would recommend anyone listen to this piece.

Comment for "Monkey Food Culture - Airdate: 15 May 2013" (deleted)

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Tiny and Awesome (deleted)

This piece and many in the series are very interesting, attention grabbing, quick and packed with information. I enjoyed how they produced the audio to really pop and get your attention. The flow and language is very clear, clever, informative and makes this piece sweet, short and accessible to many types of people.

I'll listen to many more of these at any time because they are 1 minutes bites of awesome. Good work!

Comment for "Exploring the evolution and development of the vertebrate skeleton" (deleted)

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Building blocks for faces (deleted)

This topic is very attention grabbing to me as the title is a hook too. I like the way Dr. Robert Schneider explains his work and ideas, this is very accessible to a wide range of people to learn from. The experiments cited in this are interesting such as ducks growing quail beaks. I like the explanations of these concepts like the French-German explanation, because a normal person with little backround in science can take something away from this piece.

This piece, is very well produced, with an interesting topic and guest. I have to say good job, and i'll be looking forward to listening to more from Carry the One Radio.

Comment for "Little America"

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Global Interest

This story is very interesting and gives a rich back story on the country of Liberia. I have always found the history of this country sparked my interest but i never knew much about the foundation of Liberia. The history of this country is described well, with good production and good use of other voices helped this story run smoothly. I enjoyed this piece and the production left me with not much else to say besides great work.

Comment for "Buried Alive? Katy the Kollector"

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Relative clutter

This piece drew me in because I often find myself sitting on the fence of hoarder and collector. I really like the idea behind this piece but, I feel that it lacks a storytelling element that completes a piece. Now, Katy reminds me of myself and her description of her room helps me justify the many knick knacks and trinkets in my room but, not much else. I also wish there was some contrast maybe a neat freak or maybe even more input from the host.

Overall, this piece has a good base and could've been built off of more. This piece is short and sweet without pretentiousness but I wish there was more. Keep the cool ideas coming, and tell me more about them.

Comment for "Mixed Blood Majority"

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My Perception of this Piece

I'm going to start this with no hesitation like the guys in Mixed Blood Majority, from the start of the song "Fine Print" the beat comes on thick with a hypnotic feel to it. Then, the vocals come on aggressively with some groove, really riding these beats well. Next, comes "Hallucination Music" which has the chorus that is still stuck in my head, bringing melody of the woozy chords and the hard chanting with a lot of depth to it. In the interview, these guys seem pretty laid back with their stories of rap records and brunch. The interviewer asked good questions considering the length of the interview, but I would've liked to hear more about where to hear more of them and who each of the guys are and their role in the group, but this interview definitely covered good ground. Finally, to end the piece with a bang I hear "Still Standing Still", in this song the abundant percussion jumps around my headphones with the heavy piano driving the beat, and the vocals starting with laughter but then quickly jumping in with some strong vocals and my favorite "Still, still, standing, standing still, killing time awaiting on a plane to make a crash landing" .
Mixed Blood Majority brings a lot of energy and some depth to it also. Laserbeam's producing is strong and with lots of percussion panning across the sound scape. The two rappers ride the beat with energy, keeping it fresh as the beat pulls you in. Most of all these guys like brunch like me. Keep up the good work Radio K and Mixed Blood Majority.

Comment for "Neural circuits and motivational processes underlying hunger" (deleted)

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Exercise for Neurons (deleted)

Some science media will dry you out before it even gets to the heart of the usually interesting subject matter, but this piece is introduced in a more fun way with the funky jam called "Swivey on the Drums" by Big Pimp Jones. This piece is is full of information, which will give your brain a workout if you don't have a background in neuroscience, though I wouldn't shy away if that was the case, just be ready to look up some definitions. Dr. Scott Sternson is doing some interesting research and breaks it down to an understandable level without losing depth because there is plenty of depth. Dr. Sternson gave background on how his interest in researching this topic flourished, and I felt that this information was as important as the direct advice he gave at the end and if you are an aspiring scientist or simply considering jumping into this vast field of study, this is a great piece to listen to.

The interviewer asked the right questions to clarify and dive into this subject and acted as a catalyst in this short interview, helping the listener get the most out of the piece. My only complaint is that some of the cuts in the interview were sudden and left me wondering what was said in between those cuts but that may be the audio nerd in me, and the interview is supposed to be short after all. Overall, I'm looking forward to more pieces by Carry The One Radio and more discovery by Dr. Sternson. Thanks for the neural workout.