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Caption: Turtle Island, Credit: Aaron Paquette

1. Turtle Island (Part I) (01:48:40)
From: tenali hrenak

Inspired by my time at Standing Rock, I wish to begin this series of episodes with an ode and celebration of our Mother Earth. In the words of Edward Abbey: The earth, like ...
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Half-Remarkable Questions Part VI (01:53:17)
From: tenali hrenak

Join Void Captain Tenali for another voyage into the quizzical wonders of life. We’ll explore a plethora of sound and thought, venturing straight on through to the great ...
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Sometimes a Saint & Sometimes a Sinner Part VII (01:56:18)
From: tenali hrenak

Come usher in Part VII of Sometimes a Saint & Sometimes A Sinner. We’ll tread between the two worlds with a rich collection of old spirituals, murder ballads and the like. It ...
Caption: What Dreams May Come...

What Dreams May Come... Part III (01:54:28)
From: tenali hrenak

They say we are near waking when we dream we are dreaming. Hard to say, but dreams are certainly allusive and surreal, to say the least. Climb aboard for an otherworldly ...
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Summer Song Part II (01:49:41)
From: tenali hrenak

Summer is here again. . . Let’s celebrate the commencement of the hot and sweaty season with a batch of lovely sun soaked tunes. Join Winding River Tenali and together will ...

About Me

Tenali is a Sound Painter, Aural Decorator, Musical Animateur, Sonic Fluffer and Auditory Vernacular of Curiosities at KVMR, Field Recording aficionado, and Recording Engineer. On KVMR, he's an occasional guest host on Mikail Graham’s The Other Side. And to a lesser extent on KVMR's Sunday Night Showcase, A Word In Edgewise and Red Eye Radio.

His first “wow” moment listening to the radio all started in the early 90s with Ron Cuzner’s The Dark Side, a show heard on the now defunct WFMR in Milwaukee, WI. Cuzner was best known for his late night long winded poetic diatribes & long dead air pauses, as well as, his passion and erudition for Jazz. His influence led to Tenali's first show at University of Wisconsin-Waukesha campus radio station WCCX. He would later move onto guest spots on the community radio station WORT, in Madison, WI, until he headed out west, continuing his radio production dream. His first show in California was at KFOK Community Radio in Georgetown, CA where for two years he hosted Muddy Boots, re-honing his craft and utilizing his hundreds of hours of field recordings. In 2011, he graduated from the KVMR Broadcaster Training Class. Soon thereafter he hopped on board the cosmic caboose over yonder on Host & Producer Mikail Graham's show The Other Side - featured every Tuesday 8-10pm on KVMR. The show is a perfect medium for Tenali to present his eclectic tastes. To date, he has produced and aired 30+ shows for The Other Side.

His fervor for field recording, sound collage and radio makes him a perfect fit for KVMR’s The Other Side. Look for his shows to be like an old pair of muddy boots, venturing where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our imagination. Tune in to hear 1920s &’30s jazz, blues, ethnic and hillbilly, field recordings from the campfire, strange folk from the 1960s, and what-have-you. His show attempts to create a patchwork of sound and song; an aural mishmash is what he prefers to call it. Intertwined throughout are artisanal and anachronistic cuts, film clips, one-off sounds, folktales, cut-ups, literary snippets and other rarities A canvas of sound that attempts to induce an otherworldly experience, and much like the sound of a descending snowflake, we be going straight to The Other Side!

Field Recording has been a prime passion of his for many years, often using them to "decorate" his shows. He also has devoted close to 15 years recording at Rainbow Gatherings in the Unites States, New Zealand, Mexico and Panama. Find the extensive collection of music, poems and randomness at: http://musicfromtherainbow.org

Tenali is also an intricate part of the disaster relief kitchen Rough n' Ready, a first response disaster relief organization that provides free hot organic meals for populations that suffer major disasters. The groups last response was to Superstorm Sandy, where they set up a first response kitchen in Union Beach, New Jersey. Their team fed 1500 meals a day to the hurricane devastated New Jersey shore. He hopes to document the volunteer efforts in a radio broadcast sometime in the near future.

Listen to more of Tenali's archives: http://muddybootsradio.org/

For more info on The Other Side: http://theotherside.biz

For more info on KVMR: http://kvmr.org

Contact: tenalilight@gmail.com

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tenali is currently available for new projects, has a car, and is available to travel Internationally.


  • Field Recording
  • Voice Talent
  • Editing
  • Social Networking Knowledge
  • Hosting Music Programs
  • Podcast Production: Moderate to High
  • Producing: Music and Performance Programs

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  • Sound Editing
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  • Hard Disc/Flash Recorder
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  • The KVMR Out Of The Box Award, 2013
  • The KVMR Rookie Of The Year Award for Excellence in Newcomer Programming, 2012