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Comment for "My First Kiss"

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My First Kiss Review

From the title to the actual story, this piece is nothing less than engrossing. Jacob Holley Kline describes his first kiss in a vivid story. Jacob has the gift of imagery. He takes the audience back to 8th grade to meet Raven, his first kiss. From the beginning, Jacob hooks his audience with the way he describes a kiss. I liked that he was repetitive “It was Raven”; “You’ve got to make compromises “. He was able to create laughter among his audience then make things more serious. To be a good storyteller you must be able to create mood in seconds. Jacob could do this. I felt the piece came to an abrupt end. The story was amusing and light hearted. If you’re looking for a giggle, this is a great piece to listen to.

Comment for "Why so many Mass Shootings?"

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Why So Many Mass Shootings Review

Mass shootings have become a major issue in the Unites States. The Alaska Teen Media Institute takes this matter into its own hands and addresses the subject. This is a very controversial subject to take on. There were some brilliant points of view that are stated within this piece. The questions were great and brought about intelligent insights. I would liked to have heard ideas as to how to prevent outsiders from coming in and starting a mass shooting not only the students. I think that the piece covered the basics and was well organized. It is capable of creating a new view on what the U.S should do about firearms. It certainly kept this reviewer thinking

Comment for "11 Things Music Can Do"

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11 Things Music Can Do Review

This piece was a paraphrase of an article in Mental Floss magazine about things music can do. The piece starts off with a casual conversation about the Super Bowl. Dr. Joe Burns and Beth West make Super Bowl jokes in order to hook their audience. I enjoyed how casual it was. The conversation simply flowed and eventually made its way to 11 Thing Music Can Do, a piece, written by Jessica Hullinger. Beth and Joe discuss a couple of those eleven things. I would’ve liked to hear a few more facts. The facts were interesting. Their voices were clear and their jokes sustained the audience. All together I enjoyed the piece and the new facts I have acquired.

Comment for "How the Media Portrays Beauty"

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How the Media Portrays Beauty Review

Media is the world of beauty seekers and creators. Constance Esther Charles takes the audience into the effects of the media world. She interviews the people of New York to seek out the answers to questions about how the media has influenced people and their takes on beauty versus the media. It is an amusing piece to listen to. I think it’s important she interviewed men and women on the media because it’s more than women that become influenced by the media. I wish more of the men would’ve talked about how the media effects how they see themselves. I enjoyed the humor of the piece. The answered ranged from inspiring to hilarious. The piece came together very well and is able to hook an audience. If you want a laugh and some good advice this is the piece for you.