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Caption: Isaac Lamb steps forward to propose

Behind a Viral Video (04:06)
From: Alexander Ward

In 2012, my friend Isaac performed an elaborate and ingenious proposal to his girlfriend Amy. I filmed the whole thing, and a week later, it was viral. This is the story of ...
Caption: A golf cart for towing golf carts, Credit: Alex Ward

The Cart Men of Catalina (05:21)
From: Alexander Ward

Golf carts are the primary vehicles for residents in Avalon, CA. This is about the guys that make them go.
Caption: Students compare their budgets on iPads, Credit:

Turning Teens Into Budget Experts (06:42)
From: Alexander Ward

A look into a new state-of-the-art financial literacy program for teens.
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12 Days to Curtain: Inside a Summer Theatre Camp (17:38)
From: Alexander Ward

A piece exploring the Young People's Theatre Project's summer theater production, which brings 6th-12th graders into the wilderness to produce a musical in just 12 days.
Caption: An archival WWII VD prevention poster, Credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

OMG It's An STD (04:09)
From: Alexander Ward

How to tell past, present, and future partners about an STD.