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Is Tennis a Man's Game? (01:21)
From: Emma de Campo

As the annual Australian Open tennis frenzy draws to an end, tell me true - do you prefer watching the men or women play tennis? Let's hear what fans at the Open had to say.
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This Is Your Life (:51)
From: Emma de Campo

Sometimes advice comes from surprising places...
Caption: Flip Scipio and wife Mitzi Pratt, in their Martha's Vineyard studio., Credit: Emma de Campo

Flip, Skip, Guitar (04:42)
From: Emma de Campo

Flip Scipio has been described as a “guitar repairer to the gods.” And with customers including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon, it's a title that is well ...
Caption: Pete Stringer, approaching the finish of his 212th marathon. , Credit: Photo-Chambers

The Great Race (04:32)
From: Emma de Campo

Pete Stringer loves to run. Really long distance. Since he began a running log in 1976, he's run over 80,000 miles in competitions and training. That's like running three and ...